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We would love to have you visit!

Give us a call if you are interested in stoping to look at our lambs & pigs! In addition to our sale held each year in April, we also have several online sales and sell off the farm.


Randy & Chris Wirt
27811 455th Ave.
Parker, SD 57053
Randy Cell: (605) 366-2864

Home: (605) 297-3495


Adam, Melissa, Jovie & Emerson Wirt
46747 US Hwy 18
Lennox, SD 57039
Adam Cell: (605) 351-4658

Sarah, Travis, Braelyn & Brysen Baloun
Lennox, SD 57039
Sarah Cell: (605) 929-7427

Katie & Jon Fish

West Concord, MN

Katie Cell: (605) 351-6771

Randy & Chris's Farm - Parker, SD

Adam & Melissa's Farm - Lennox, SD

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